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ASAC Trips

Most seasons Atherton Sub Aqua Club organises diving trips in other parts of the country and abroad. Easter provides an opportunity to try new dive locations around the UK and August Bank Holiday usually sees us at Seahouses diving the Farne Islands. In the late Autumn, members of the club go to warmer climes to sample diving in warmer conditions than we see in the UK.

Over the last few years the club has been to the following places:

YearSpringLate SummerAutumn
2000Scapa FlowSeahousesRed Sea
2001Scapa FlowSeahousesRed Sea
2002Scapa FlowSeahousesRed Sea
2003PortlandSeahousesRed Sea
2004Isle of ManSeahousesMaldives
2005Isle of Man
2007Scapa FlowSeahousesMaldives
2008LochalineSeahousesMaldives/Red Sea
Scapa Flow
SeahousesRed Sea

Right: The club boat pulls out of Localine to dive in the Sound of Mull, Easter 2006

ASAC trips are often eventful - see the story of a dramatic rescue and another dramatic rescue.

Up until 2006, ASAC had two dive trips in the UK - one at Easter and one over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Since 2006, however, we have gone away later in April and have had better weather and tides than previously (Easter is always spring tides for obvious reasons). In 2009 we went to Weymouth on 17 April - 1 week after Easter - and had the most brilliant weather!

We have also started going away either the weekend before or the weekend after the August Bank Holiday when diving is less crowded.