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ASAC at Scapa Flow (2002)

Scapa was a regular haunt at Easter for a number of years

Arriving in Stromness on the ferry to start the weeks diving. "We dropped right on the prop!" (actually one of the propís from the WWI cruiser HMS Hampshire which Lord Kitchener went down on - Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy)
Coastal Houseís on South Ronaldsay Aboard the "Shalder" heading to one of the dive sites in the Flow
Tony preparing to dive Jim G just completed a successful dive
Derek just completed his last dive of the week Colin just completed a successful dive
Andrew kitted ready to go Tony about to dive the WWI German cruiser SMS Brummer (Jim G in the water)
Paul, ready to enter the water for the last dive of the week Last dive of the week completed on our way back for some food & beer
Club Members in front of a beautiful Scapa sunset just about to go and get some of that food & beer we mentioned Sunset over Scapa Flow from South Ronaldsay. You can make out Flotta in the background as the sun sets over it